Dining Chair


Dimension: 66 x 66 x 80cm


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The ideal accompaniment to Dining Table Claudius. Silvia is understated yet elegant enough to be a standalone piece or part of a set. With smooth lines and a slender profile it exudes a retro vibe while still being contemporary.

Like a finger-print every piece of wood is unique and each piece tells that story. You can mix and match pieces across the Originals range with confidence knowing that each and every Original will tone with the other perfectly.

Made of sustainably sourced solid hardwood. Our craftsmen select the wood most suitable for the piece they are making and then hand finish each piece with meticulous care and to the same consistent colour finish.

Browse all the Originals photos to get a flavour of our wood colour as photography can produce more variations than real life! If you need even more of an accurate colour idea please contact us for a wood sample.


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Crocus, Peony, Henna, Palm, Soapstone, Verditer, Venetian Blue, Lavender

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