So, what are you going to do with your extra day today? It only comes round once every four years so February 29th feels like a special day.
We are all short of time and being given an extra day sounds like a bonus, right? For most of us though, since it’s a week-day it just means your boss gets an extra day of work out of you for free!
That can’t be right…., so make sure you carve out some time for yourself today- pamper yourself with a home facial, clear some clutter that’s been lingering, or just take a walk even if it’s in a lunch-hour to see the new Spring flowers coming through. Nothing cheers me more than a bunch of snowdrops and crocuses and my fav flower is even starting to think about making an appearance- the lowly daffodil, always so under-rated and with its perfect little yellow trumpets it shouts Spring.
Bring the new season indoors too with a fabulous offer on a Spring-coloured Button chair. Choose from Sea breeze blue, fresh Cream, Apple green or Crocus purple. At £150 each they are a bargain fresh addition to your home. Take the leap today as at over 35% off these won’t last long!

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