Beba is Helen and Lynn, sisters and busy mums, with 4 kids and 2 dogs between us. We may now be separated by continents, with one of us in Scotland and one in Australia, but even that distance can’t stop us being 2 peas in a pod. Sisters by chance and friends by choice.


It all began for us with a round the world back-packing trip- Lynn found furniture she loved and decided to bring this to her new shops in the UK. She owned Colonial, furniture and interiors shops based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland for 12 years. Helen joined early on with a part-time job whilst at university and after graduation brought marketing know-how and project managing skills.

We have also always shared a passion for all things interiors often sourcing exactly the same items whilst on different sides of the world. We decided to put this synchronicity to good use and work together again.

And so, Beba was formed to bring beautiful furniture to the market. Design is at the heart of things, from our own designs to individual pieces for residential and commercial projects. The result is that elusive bespoke look but without the designer price-tag.

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